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German traditions
meet inspiration

German Cuisine


Locally sourced


Vegan friendly

Our Story

Lovis is a reflection of what we believe in: great food, wine and company.

Fresh ingredients

We source the majority of our produce from local suppliers. Our food is uncomplicated and honest, focused on quality ingredients and traditional cooking methods.

Seasonal treats

Our menu features inventive takes on classic dishes, as well as seasonal specialities inspired by the garden. The menus are frequently updated to reflect what's available.

Honest approach

At the end of the day we're humans, and we'd like to keep it that way. Positivity wins. Compassion and honest guide us in our day-to-day communications. We pour a lot of soul and passion in our work. Humble, but proud of what we do - without the chest banging.

Meet the Team

Lovis is a small, family-run restaurant. Our aim is to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, where you can enjoy our food and wine. We are proud to offer a place where culinary German traditions meet inspiration. Our restaurant is a reflection of our love of food and our commitment to fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Sophia Rudolph